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FM-Phasis (CFCR 90.5 fm)

Rainbow Radio is a weekly radio program on Saskatoon's Community Radio Station, CFCR 905. FM. It airs weekly on Sunday evenings from 9:30-11:00pm.

Rainbow Radio is a volunteer based lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and ally (LGBTA) program committed to diversity, empowerment and the celebration of LGBTA people. This is accomplished through music, news, interviews and commentary from an LGBTA perspective.

Me and Dwight are rotating hosts, along with Shavonne and Matthew
on the radio.


This week Until October 3rd are trying to raise our share of pledges. FM-Phasis is the main fundraising for our community radio station. Please call 664-6678 or on-air studio at 242-5002 to make a pledge.


Your pledge will help keep Rainbow Radio (and of course CFCR) on the air - you also get prizes. You can tune into the station locally in and around Saskatoon at 90.5 FM, or in most of Saskatchewan on MAX TV radio. You can also listen online at

i have not called or solicited pledges as you were all so generous with pledging for AIDS Walk 2008. If you have some spare $$ call in and make a pledge. We will appreciate it!





Well, I am back from my Uncle's funeral. I really am going to miss him. Regina was already not the same since Auntie 'M' passed away - for that matter, when Grandma and Grandpa B passedd away either.

So, Back in Toon. I found a new friend on facebook - seems the world is always getting smaller.
My best friend Vince celebrated his birthday today... so I called him. Got his voicemail as usual - but none the less, sang happy birthday to him in my best impression of the wacko guy on the Simpson's who thought he was Wacko Jacko - but it goes this way...
Dwight and Vince
"Vince, it's your birthday
Happy Birthday Vince
Vince it's your birthday
God bless you this day

The final part is Michael Jackson's trademark thing.... so I says on the phone - knowing what his answer would be :"So now you are the same age as me again- to which he is guaranteed to reply" "Brian, you will always be 2 weeks older than me!" It's kind of an inside joke.


Anyways, Happy Birthday to my best friend - you have helped me thru some really terrible times in my life. I love you.

The passing of my Uncle Al



Last night, my Uncle Al passed away due to a massive heart attack.


My Uncle was the person who did my toast, err, "roast" at my wedding. I had great respect for my Uncle.

Uncle Al loved life and was very active with Derek and Rylan, his grandchildren.

Uncle Al was a Mason and a member of the Wa Wa chapter of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order, Nobles Mystic Shrine, or, "AEAONMS", where he was an active member in the pipes and drum band. Uncle played the snare.

He and Auntie 'M' travelled extensively in my youth, with the band, playing at curling bonspeils and such and have been to many places - most memorable was Germany - They brought me back a pin of a cuckoo clock, which I believe started me on that path - cuckoo clocks only appeal to a select few that can marvel at the mater of workmanship. Their cuckoo clock is a full size one from Swartzwald and plays music and has dancers in addition to the usual cuckoo and chimes.

Uncle Al loved to work in the backyard - he was an avid builder - he created the most amazing things, He sculptured the yard and it was meticulously kept.

His wife, my Aunt Marge passed away earlier this year. My cousins Dale (Barb) and Wanda are now without parents.

While they are self supporting - missing Dad and Mom is never an easy thing - my heart goes out to you all.I will miss you Uncle Al... You have made the journey to the East - to  The undiscovered country, from whose borne no Traveler returns.

Love Brian.

These Kids Really Know Which Questions To Ask Of The New Prime Minister!

Check out this video from CTV's MyVote:

The Grade 9 Social Studies Class from Arthur A. Leach School in Winnipeg has been thinking about the federal election. Watch them in the hallways of their school as they tell us what's on their minds. Teachers: Kristen Myers, David Wall, and Chris Olenick.

Click here to watch their video

AIDS WALK 2008 (Sponsored by Scotiabank)

Well, Sunday September 21st is the 2008 AIDS WALK. This is the 3rd year that I have participated in the walk and the third time again that I have been honoured to be getting more pledges than the year before.

This year, in addition to my many friends and relatives, who have been soooo generous, the company I work for, Telus, has matched the first $500.00 raised.

I am pleased to say that with everyone's help, I was able to raise $2080.00. This money will be staying in Saskatoon and split between  AIDS Saskatoon and the Avenue Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity.


Once again, Thanks, with all my heart,  for the pledges and with it we are on the way to help find a cure for this horrible disease.


Changes to my shawwebspace

Just to let you know... I have made the pages public, so you should not have to log in to view them anymnore to view the "fascinating Life of Brian"

The "Rocket Man" lands in ToonTown


Monday night Dwight and I were treated well by Elton John. He did not disappoint on The Rocket Man Tour 2008

Sir Elton had his grand piano, this time coupled with a band consisting of: Davey Johnstone on Guitars, mandolin and vocals, Guy Baylon on keyboards, Robert Birch on bass guitar and vocals, John Mahon on percussion, drums and vocals, and long time Elton John master on the drums and vocals, Nigel Olsson.

The concert - a non-stop 2 3/4 hours, save only to do autographs while the fans were stomping and clapping, (most stars would have left the stage...) included The Bitch is Back, Levon, Take me to the pilot, Madman Across The Water, Rocket Man ( I Think It's Gonna Be A Long, Long Time), Tiny Dancer, Crocodile Rock, Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding, Daniel, Goodbye Yellowbrick Road, Candle In the Wind, Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, Bennie and The Jets, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, Philadelphia Freedom, I'm Still Standing, I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues, Sad Songs (Say So Much), Believe, Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) and following the autographs, we were treated to Pinball Wizard, and Your Song.

 Since I don't have pictures, here are some from the same tour in Aukland, NZ:

All in all, Elton was polished as usual - the seats we had were far from spectacular, being in the nosebleed section, (one row from the very top and we got the tickets between 3 minutes and before the concert sold out which was within 6 minutes...) - though we still had an unobstructed view of Elton, all of his bandmembers and a birds eye view of the stage. Missed the Jumbo TV's which frequently showed Elton's hands on the keys as well as some of his and the bands expressions (I could see about 2/3 of one of the jumbo TV's.)

The man may be aging but he still knows how to rock - he proved that last night. Oh, and I left with my very own "Captain Fantastic" Bobble head!

On a side note, it was nice of him to acknowledge the passing of Richard Wright (Rick, he called him) of Pink Floyd... Seems that all British Rockers seem to know each other. I was proud, wearing my tribute to Richard Wright in the form of a Dark Side Of The Moon, baseball cap and T-shirt to which I added, "Richard Wright 1943-2008 R.I.P.". A couple of fans thought I had a t-shirt so fast that reflected the passing - I just said - no- I am just a big fan of his.



Photos and videos added

Well this shawwebspaces is pretty cool. Easy to use and I was able to creat everything you see in just 1/2 an hour, be sure to check out the pics and vids.



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