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3 Posts from December 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, I am back home and spent a wonderful Christmas with my son and my relatives. Dad is doing well and seems as though he is impervious to all the bumps and bruises that come with diabetic neuropathy (sic?)...


Got spoiled as usual with presents... got everything I asked for again (Next year I will ask for a Porsche 911 Carerra and see what happens! :-)


Anyways if you party on New Year's Eve, plan a safe ride home and "Take Care Out There"

Happy New Year and may the blessings of The One be with you all!



Going home for Christmas

I am going home for Christmas and spending some time with my son, My Dad and my sisters and their respective spouses. Should be a good time very short though....


This may be my last note before Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everyone!



Proud Papa

Well, My son just got his Grade 7 Term 1 report card - he did pretty good!


Language Arts: 75

Math: 82

Science: 76

Social Studies: 76

French: 80

Band: 52 (Yes! 52! Needs some work!)

P.E.: 84

Clothing: (like home ec): 85


Great job on the marks kid! You get a star!

Love Daddy