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My partner of 12 years had a stroke a year ago last May. They had told me that it was not so bad. Could have been worse they said. I believed them. You know the more time that passes the beter he is getting. 

Issue is that I think it WAS worse than they thought. He continues to have balance issues, walking issues, and even his thought processes remain sometimes muddled. 

I love him and am still planning to stay with him and keep him in my life. I am just frustrated the improvements are much slower to come around.

These are the improvements we have seen as far as his independence go: 

*He can now use his walker to walk to the mall

*He can use the regular transit bus

*He can maintain some level of personal cleanliness

Issues remaining:

*Depression - somedays very bad.

In any case I will be there for him. 





And the fires
Shall burn
And the wheel of life
Shall turn
And the dead will come home, on Samhain

And then
The night sky
On a lunar light
And the dead will come home, on Samhain

Little children
Dress like beasts
In the lamp-lit
Dark streets
And the dead come alive, on Samhain

Come away
From this island earth
Come back to
The moment of your birth
And the dead come alive, on Samhain

Ever since
The dawn of time
This day has been for them
Lay your minds on the line
And await the dead, on Samhain

When the wall
Grows thin
Allows the dead
To come in
So await the dead, on Samhain

I will see you, come Samhain

Glen Whitman,


The Wheel of the year


*Pronounced: SOW-in (as in "cow"), (or sometimes sew-WIN)

For more pagan pronunciations, click here.

**Read about Samhain