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Brian R Bogdan


 A Certified Novell Administrator (CNA), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (MCPS) in Windows 98/NT Administration, and A+ Hardware Technician. Certified as a LAN Administrator by the University of Manitoba. Training at the post secondary level in Novell, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT, ready to start a career in network administration. Extensive experience in different retail operations in Winnipeg, managing stores and staff and providing a full range of administrative support.

Brian Robert Bogdan

(306) 370-7449

1-1216 Morgan Avenue

Saskatoon, SK S7H 2R7

Wish to advance in a career on a Help Desk, Technical Support, or Network Administration position.

·    Certified Novell Administrator (CNA)

·    Certified Professional (MCP)

·    A+ Hardware Technician

·    Certified LAN Administrator



·         Providing support for UNIX, Windows, Hardware, Networks, Internet Connectivity, Custom Pharmacy Applications for Pharmacies in Canada, Jamaica, and British Caymen Islands.

·         Provided support for members for approx 45-50 units across Canada.

·         Multiple platforms ranged from an absence of a computer network, to full fledged client-server networks using Novell, NT, Windows 2000, XP and Peer-to-peer.

·         Sourced out competitive prices for hardware, retrofitted old and outdated hardware to bring it up to the recommended minimum standards.

·         Troubleshot connectivity of remote Installations of the software were accomplished via the internet using pcAnywhere as well as on the telephone, in mixed networked environments with users with computer skills ranging from novice to intermediate.

·         Installation and configuration of Pervasive SQL 2000i, setting up and configuring ODBC in a networked environment.

·         Installation and configuration of IBM 4800  POS Terminals in various Retail Stores in Saskatchewan.

·         Provided support for networks.

·         Managed Primary and Secondary Domain Controllers, Windows NT Terminal Server, 2 Citrix Servers with Load Balancing, Exchange Server and a Webserver. Handled Help Desk calls in 2 buildings, providing solutions on a timely basis.

·         Updating the company web page.

·         Developed logon scripts, using batch files to automate processes, , and running data backups.

·         Troubleshot connectivity of remote users over a wireless network.

·         Supported small business clients using broadband internet connections.

·         Received inbound calls from customers with connection issues, billing issues, PC configuration and Modem connectivity.

·         TCP/IP configuration issues, various platforms, Windows 95/98/NT and Mac.

·         Account management: billing, configuring email, outbound calls to customers in the U.S. market.

·         Installed wall jacks etc. This included setting up telephones.

·         Part of the TASC Team (Tracking and Support Coordination)

·         Wired 10 new workstations to the network, involving running cable from the telephone



Skills Applied at the following companies:


·         TELUS Health Solutions -Current

·         IBM Global Services (TES)

·         Mega Group Inc.

·         MacMor Industries Ltd.

·         Convergys Customer Management Canada Inc.

·         Mind Computer Products




·         Managed retail store operations, ranging from supervising 2 Assistant Managers and up to 30 staff to a 17, 000 square foot Fun Centre for children with sales of $2M, with 3 managers and up to 50 staff members in the day-to-day operations of the stores.

·         Marketing of the business in the area.

·         Troubleshooting computer terminals on the network.

·         Developed several subordinates to take on new positions.

·         Received Sales Award for the Highest Percentage Net Sales Increase in the Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and North Western Ontario Region.


Skills Applied at the following companies:


·         Gateway Canada Inc

·         Chapters Inc.

·         Discovery Zone Inc

·         A&W Food Services of Canada

·         Universal Realty / LaRoche McDonald


·         Managing 20 suites in 2 apartment blocks and managed 17 suite apartment in Saskatoon.

·         Minor repairs, plumbing and painting etc.

·      Showing suites, rent collection, noise control.




University Of Manitoba - Winnipeg, MB


·         Certified LAN Administrator, Certified Novell Administrator (CNA), Certified Microsoft Professional (MCP) and A+ Hardware Technician.


Red River Community College - Winnipeg, MB


·         Business Administration - Major in Marketing and Management.


Self Study


·         Certified Windows 2000 Desktop Administrator.

·         Windows VISTA Desktop Administrator.



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